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EARLY LEARNING SERVICES - Birth to Five Standards

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Age Group: Three Year Olds

Cognitive Development and General Knowledge

Social Studies

Begins to understand family characteristics, roles, and functions

Three-year-old children learn about relationships, family, and community in their everyday experiences. They understand the basic structure of family, and often explore playing out the roles within a family in their dramatic play. Three-year-olds demonstrate a beginning understanding of family roles when they:
  • Pretend to be the “mommy”, “daddy”, or “granny” while playing in the dramatic play corner;
  • Points out “That’s my family” to a friend when looking at the family photo display in the classroom;
  • Tell stories about how their family celebrated during Thanksgiving;
  • Try to draw representations of themselves and their family members in an “All About Me” activity or family portrait at the art table.


Family: A group of individuals living together
Dramatic Play: Expressive and spontaneous play.


Make sure your three-year-old has access to books and other materials that show diversity in family composition and in careers.

Pretend to be the “mommy”