Early Learning and Developmental Standards

EARLY LEARNING SERVICES - Birth to Five Standards

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Age Group: Three Year Olds

Cognitive Development and General Knowledge

Social Studies

Demonstrates awareness of the environment around them

Noticing the world around them, their home, their school, and their community, helps three-year-old children recognize the connection between people and the environment. Three-year-olds are interested in their environment and often notice things that change, such as a new structure on the playground or that the tables in the classroom are in different places. Adults can support this beginning understanding of how people change and protect the environment around them by engaging children in conversation, stories, and activities that demonstrate care for the environment. Examples of awareness of the environment include:
  • Picking up trash on the playground and bringing it to the trash can;
  • Placing their rest blanket in their cubby after rest time;
  • Noticing when there are new books in the library corner;
  • Participating in helping to keep the classroom clean and tidy.


Environment: The circumstances, objects, or conditions by which one interacts with andis surrounded.


Plan your field trips for three-year-olds carefully, and be sure they are safe.

Participating in helping to keep the classroom clean and tidy