Age Group: Three Year Olds

Cognitive Development and General Knowledge

Social Studies

Demonstrates awareness of group rules

Three-year-old children are beginning to think about how rules help people get along. They are aware of group rules, but frequently need adult support to follow them consistently. Teachers may include young children in the development of simple class rules and can use conflicts as an opportunity to teach problem solving skills. Three-year-olds show awareness of group rules when they:
  • Remind the group “only four people can play in the block area” when discussing rules for center time play;
  • Repeat “Keep the sand in the sand box” after hearing an adult remind another child of the rule;
  • Take part in movement games that require them to follow directions, such as the “Tooty Ta” dance or “Red Light-Green Light”;
  • Talk about some of the rules at their house.


Center: Area within the classroom arranged so that children are able to participate in avariety of learning experiences relating to art, science, reading, dramatic play, blocks,etc. (e.g., an art center, a reading center, a science center, a block center, a dramaticplay center, or a writing center).
Skills: The ability to use knowledge effectively and readily in performance, the ability totransform knowledge into action.
Skills: The ability to use knowledge effectively and readily in performance; the ability to transform knowledge into action.

Environmental Concerns

Have many props in the dramatic play and other classroom areas that reflect the diversity of all children.