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Florida Early Learning and Developmental Standards Estándares de Aprendizaje y Desarrollo Temprano de Florida

Becoming an Instructional Leader

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Early childhood directors often balance both business and managerial tasks for their center but with today’s educational focus on standards and accountability, directors also need to become a pedagogical, i.e., instructional leaders. This section describes a process for becoming an instructional leader through a pilot project that took place with a group of directors across Florida.

Director’s Leadership Pilot

The document summarizes the 2018-19 Director’s Leadership Pilot including the process, comments from directors regarding their insights and next steps for replicating the process of becoming an instructional leader.

Instructional Leadership Links to Articles

Pedagogical Leadership

Over the past decade, there has been considerable interest in the importance of leadership in the area of early learning. We have come to understand that the most important work a leader in this field can do is to support and promote quality early learning environments for children. Beyond administrative leadership, this requires pedagogical leadership.

“Improving Your Program with Pedagogical Leadership”

This article focuses on a triangle framework for conceptualizing and organizing the different kinds of work involved in leading, not just managing, an early childhood program.

“Getting Intentional About Supporting Each Child: The Difference You Can Make”

Recent research in the early childhood field has revealed that, when it comes to quality in early childhood programs, one size does not fit all. This article helps director’s think about how they can determine the extent to which their program is supporting each child and family.

“Helping Teachers Identify and Articulate Their Values and Beliefs”

Achieving consensus on a center’s collective values and beliefs is an ongoing process; the goal is to expand tolerance and understanding of different values and beliefs and find common ground on center-wide, agreed upon priorities and practices. The article provides a tool for assessing values and beliefs to support finding common ground for values and beliefs within a center.

“Setting the Tone for Professional Growth”

This article is part of a self-reflection series focused on professional growth. The paper encourages directors to set the tone for professional growth by emphasizing the value placed on professional growth through words and writing in order to impact attitudes and actions with their staff.

Whole Leadership: A Framework for Early Childhood Programs

The McCormick Center for Early Childhood Leadership at National Louis University developed Whole Leadership, a broad view of program leadership – evidenced in many areas and collapsed into three domains: leadership essentials, administrative leadership and pedagogical leadership.

Book – Leadership in Early Care and Education

A roster of highly respected contributors offers thoughtful discussions to stimulate us to look at early childhood leadership in its many facets, including management, advocacy, advancing good practice, and community leadership roles.